Global Game Jam 2017 – Theme: Waves

A game I pitched and helped create in 48 hours as part of the Global Game Jam 2017! The theme was “waves” and in the game, you play a bassist with the power to clear waves of your zombie fanbase at your show. I worked with 3 other talented individuals I met at the Jam. Song was provided by Tree of Audio who setup camp at the Game Jam.

I’ve always wanted to make a rhythm game and this was an opportunity to learn how to do that in a short amount of time.

Download the game and play it via the following link:


Thomas Hyman – Programming

Adrian Sotomayor – Programing, Text Art and Sound FX

Sam Kern – Main Art, Animation and Programming

Mike Bell – Programming

Andrew Pang – Game Song

Global Game Jam 2017 link: