Meow Wars SIX/GeekGirlCon/MGF Recap

It’s been really busy here at the Taco Truck Games offices.  With convention season out of the way (for now), it’s time to give an update!

Seattle Indie Exo 2017Showing at PAX SIX 2017 was one of the best experiences to date.  The high influx of gamers coming through to check out Meow Wars was insane.  I was told it would get busy once the PAX showfloor closed and folks were hungry for more gaming, but it was pretty much busy the entire time.  It was the first big public showing and I received lots of great feedback from casual and hardcore card battle players.  Additionally, it was the biggest round of beta sign ups I had when compared to other conventions.

A few good things happened after SIX. The folks at DigitalFutureLab from UW Bothell streamed Meow Wars in their post SIX recap stream.  It was a great experience to see folks play the game, create a strategy and beat the demo all without me being there explaining the rules!  Check out this quick clip of the stream session:

Josh Speer over at Operation Rainfall wrote about Meow Wars in the article The Best of SIX.  Check it out!

And finally, Ashley Rivas from Principally Uncertain did an in-person interview shortly after SIX which you can check out here: “Where to start as an Indie Game Developer: An interview with Meow Wars’ Adrian Sotomayor

Geek Girl Con 2017This convention was much more low key as there were fewer gamers.  Since it centered around all geek/nerd things, I had a lot more non-gamers stop by my booth including many families.  It was a good experience talking to parents and got me thinking more about how I could make my game kid friendly.  Although I will say there were kids that easily picked up the card mechanics and played through the entire demo!

Additionally, it was my first 2 day conference so I got to hang out with several local indies.  The folks from Laughing Manatee who created the post-apocalyptic puzzle adventure were exhibiting next to me and it was good to make some new friends in the indie scene.  Unbound Creations was also my booth neighbor and they were just days away from launching Headliner (out now)!

Mobile Gaming Forum 2017

This conference was much more business oriented and it gave me the opportunity to pitch my game to publishers from all over the world.  It was also a great time to network and gain contacts in ad monetization and game law.  Additionally, I was given the opportunity to pitch Taco Truck Games & Meow Wars on a stage with a panel of industry judges during the Game Dev Showdown!  There is no better way to learn than forcing yourself outside your bubble.  This also forced me to create my very first teaser trailer which I am debuting to you right meow!

And that’s a wrap with 3 very different conferences.  Now on to getting that Beta out.  Cats all for meow!