Adrian Sotomayor – Founder

Taco Truck Games was established by Adrian Sotomayor in Seattle, WA in September 2016.  His goal is to create fun and enjoyable games across the mobile, console, and PC platforms.  He’s excited to learn, grow, and contribute to an already thriving Indie Game community.



Before going indie, Adrian worked as a Tools & Engineering area owner on Minecraft during his time at Microsoft Studios. There he helped build a team to design and deliver cross-platform automation tools and frameworks.  These tools contributed to the release of Minecraft PE, Windows 10 Edition, GearVR, Oculus Rift, and Realms.  During his 8 year career at Microsoft, he was also part of the automation engineer groups in Skype and Windows.


Indi Film

Adrian has been involved in the Indie Filmmaking scene since the late 1990s.  His 15 min of fame arrived when he and some friends created a short film called ‘Kung Fu Legends 2 Turbo Edition‘ in the summer of 2001.  It became popular on Newgrounds.com and was eventually distributed across Best Buy’s around the US in an indie fighting film DVD collection titled ‘Everyone is Kung-Fu Fighting’.


Winning Dad

In 2014, Adrian worked with local Seattle director and writer Arthur Allen to create a color palette and color grade the award winning indie film Winning Dad.

Winning Dad screening



As an additional creative outlet, Adrian ran a photography business with a focus on portraits, band and event photography.  He worked closely with Portland musician Logan Lynn to direct his video for Hologram in 2013.

Logan Lynn portrait by Adrian Sotomayor