Meow Wars Mid-March Update

Time for a Meow Wars update!  I have been releasing a character portraits each week.

First up, Major Mittens! Between his trusty mouse sidekick and litter box mystery attack, he’ll be the first feline in this card battle game for mobile.

Character art by the amazingly talented Sam Moore of @ugly_ink.


Next, Private Princess joins the Meow Wars team! She lures you in with her bag of catnip and clips the nails of her foes leaving them defenseless.

Character art by the amazingly talented Sam Moore of @ugly_ink.


I also finally added the dialog mechanics and have them working for character introductions and in-game in both English and Spanish.


Last but not least, I re-wrote the game mechanics after some play test feedback.  It’s definitely turning into a much better card battle than I originally planned out.

Thanks for coming back to read up on the progress of Meow Wars.  Be sure to follow Taco Truck Games on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more progress updates!

Introducing Meow Wars

I’m excited to announce my first game title:

The game is my take on the classic card game of war.  It’s a game I greatly enjoyed playing as a kid.  Although the rules are simple, there will be strategy involved as you battle 5 different military cats each introducing a new card to the deck and a new ability mechanic to defeat their enemies.  I began prototyping this title since the last week of December.  It’s been a very educational experience building out the levels and mechanics as I learn new components and APIs in Unity.  Check out some of the screenshots below:

Global Game Jam 2017 – Theme: Waves

A game I pitched and helped create in 48 hours as part of the Global Game Jam 2017! The theme was “waves” and in the game, you play a bassist with the power to clear waves of your zombie fanbase at your show. I worked with 3 other talented individuals I met at the Jam. Song was provided by Tree of Audio who setup camp at the Game Jam.

I’ve always wanted to make a rhythm game and this was an opportunity to learn how to do that in a short amount of time.

Download the game and play it via the following link:


Thomas Hyman – Programming

Adrian Sotomayor – Programing, Text Art and Sound FX

Sam Kern – Main Art, Animation and Programming

Mike Bell – Programming

Andrew Pang – Game Song

Global Game Jam 2017 link:

Ludum Dare 37 – Theme: One Room

121983-shot0-1481508234-jpg-eq-900-500I’ve been busy learning and building protoypes but I took a break from that to participate in my first game jam!  The theme was ‘One Room’ and it took place just 48 hours starting on December 9th.  I did the Compo challenge which meant that I could only work on it by myself and all content, including audio, had to be created in the 48 hour time frame.  I definitely learned several new tricks in Unity as well as learning how to fail fast and try different mechanics.  It was also valuable to get feedback from fellow indie game developers and incorporate new ideas from play testing.

You can play it in your browser right now at:

Tacos on the mind!

Welcome to Taco Truck Games!  This is the new home of my venture into the Indie Gamittg_profile_twitterng scene.  I’m very excited to join an already thriving and supportive Indie Game community here in Seattle.  There has been a lot going on for me in the past 2 weeks since I left my full-time job to pursue this dream.  From filing to be an LLC, setting up social media accounts, business bank accounts and learning all about tax codes and game frameworks, so far it’s been an exciting ride where I’m learning new things every day.  I hope to share some of my experiences going forward in the hopes of gaining your support and help anybody else wanting to make the transition.

I’ve been reading a few business 101 books and I’ll leave you with a cheesy but common theme and quote that has been said with many variations:

“If you don’t build your dream, somebody else will hire you to build theirs”

Until next time!